quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

I hate you !

I hate you so much!
For everything and anything.
And I still do not hate you enough,
But I can not hate you even more

I hate you,
For all that I suffer for you,
Through the tears that wet my face,
And the smile that, because of you, I lost.

I hate you,
For doing me feel alone in the crowd,
Why steal happiness
For reminding me what suffering is.

I hate you,
For making me feel like a bird without wings,
Who does not know what freedom is,
Why can not fly!

But above all,
I can not feel anymore.
The truth is just this,
I hate myself even more!

I hate myself,
By letting you put me well.
For still cry for you.
Because I feel unhappy.

I hate myself,
For still love you,
Why can not you forget,
Why let hurt me.

In fact,
I really hate,
But I really hate,
For love you and can not stop doing!


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