quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011


Many times I fall,
I will return to lift me.
Especially because that's life,
Always lie down on the ground.

It is not always easy,
It is not always beautiful,
In fact, an easy life,
Exists only in Wonderland.

Fall today, tomorrow and beyond.
But surviving, my way.
Not always the best way,
And often alone, but surviving.

I feel lonely in a crowd.
I feel sad while smiling.
But I know it was not all in vain,
Why learn, when he fell.

One day you will give value to all,
One day you will realize,
Who today still love you
But when you get back will be too late.

Enveloped in darkness,
In anger, the sadness and emptiness.
I took a blank sheet,
Because I spend my life to clean!


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